Used since Roman times as a building material Travertine tiles with their unique qualities have been used for many domestic and commercial applications.

Travertine is very much related to limestone (think of them as cousins!) and is one of the most popular stone surface finishes available. A large majority of this popularity stems from the remarkable shades and colors that travertine is available in – the colors range from sandy coffee hues to a lighter oatmeal color.

The colors are rarely uniform and often contain flecks and spatters of other shades. Travertine tiles are a very dense form of Calcium Carbonate and although a Limestone, Travertine tiles are more usually considered as a Marble.

The characteristic voids in this material were caused by gases present when the rock was in the molten state. These voids appear as holes in the tiles and are either filled during the fixing process or at the Factory.

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